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Quick Application for employment.


Phone number:
When can you start
Email Address:
Street address
City / Town
Do you have a valid drivers license
Do you currently own/operate. have access to a vehicle on a regular basis
Do you participate in illegal drug use
Can you operate a manual (stick shift) transmission
Are you able to run short distances for long periods of time
Can you read, write, & speak English in a clear and concise manner
Are you willing to dress in our uniforms and keep your provided uniforms neat and clean
Do you have a neat and well trimmed appearance, and are you willing to maintain that appearance through out your employment
Are you willing to work in all elements of weather
Are you willing to work holidays
Do you smoke cigarettes
Have you ever worked as a valet parking attendant
Most recent previous employer:
Most recent previous employers phone number:
Please describe what days and times you are available to work, we have shifts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.




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